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Printing helps grow trees ...
Printed paper is made from a renewable resource. Trees can be replanted in places where they were harvested and also in places where they don’t currently grow.
Printed paper can be recycled, recovered and reused. Paper recycling processes are widely available and have become more efficient and sophisticated. Electronic devices are much more complex and expensive to recycle, recover and reuse due
to the toxic nature of their components, and current systems are still in the early stages.
The paper we use to print in the U.S. is made from more
than 60 percent biofuels. Paper mills use what’s left over
from the manufacturing process to generate bioenergy on site. As a result, we can:
 Divert waste from landfills
 Decrease the overall carbon footprint of paper products  Decrease dependency on coal and other fossil fuels
 Help meet green energy goals in America
By contrast, server farms that power computers have become the fastest growing users of fossil fuel in the world, and the amount of energy they use is doubling every year.
Sustainability Fact
“The average data center serving our electronic devices consumes the same amount of energy as 25,000 households.”

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