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Printing & Paper Facts
From recycling to energy usage, Professional Printers is making great strides in reducing our environmental footprint by:
 Recycling printing plates,
all scrap paper, overruns, cardboard packaging, wooden pallets, soda cans, plastics, printer cartridges, old computer equipment and cell phones
 Reducing the impact of chemicals by using eco-friendly vegetable-based inks, alcohol- free chemistry and aqueous coatings
 Recovering and repurposing used and old inks as well as chemistry into fuel oil
 Sequencing print jobs by ink color, to save on ink changes and reduce waste
 Using biodegradable packaging materials and waste paper instead of petroleum-based foam peanuts
 Using a higher percentage of
paper grades that are recycled, post-consumer and from forest certified responsible sources
 Educating employees on environmental issues, recycling procedures and certification training
 Purchasing products, materials and services from individuals and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to
 Gaining third-party certification credentials
Sustainability Fact
“54.7 percent of all paper in the U.S. is currently recycled.”

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