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The CiTadel alumni assoCiaTion 171 moulTrie sT., CharlesTon, sC 29409-6130 • (843) 953-7696 •
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To Whom it May Concern:
I am pleased to offer my personal recommendation for Professional Printers of Columbia, S.C. Since 2003, Professional Printers has produced our tri-annual, 80-page, full color alumni news magazine. The magazine is high-quality and professionally produced in a timely manner (even when there are delays on our end that affect their production calendar.)
Professional Printers has also stepped forward to fill a need when The Citadel’s campus print shop closed several years ago after decades of fullfilling printing requirements. The quality of the work remained (or im- proved) while production times shortened and costs decreased.
The only thing better than the quality of work at Professional Printers is the quality of customer service. I have dealt with several individuals over the years and I believe that “no” or “can’t” are not in their vocabulary. This company is lucky to have these individuals put a face onto and heart into the business.
If I can offer any additional information about this company or the realtionship shared with The Citadel Alumni Association, I am happy and eager to do so.
Samuel G. Evans III, ’78
Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs
for Publications and Travel Editor, alumni news magazine

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